New times are forcing the use of disruptive technologies in order to keep the supply chain safe and operational in all its aspects.

It is no secret that the post-Coronavirus era will make it more challenging for industries to stay afloat and the use of a decentralized traceability system in the extensive land and sea transportation routes will undoubtedly be a great ally for the delivery of their products.

In that sense, from Spain, Eurogestion has been committed to generating solutions for digital transformation in the transport and logistics sector through the chain of blocks.

Spain: the transport consultant Eurogestion sells its railway blockchain to Deutsche Bahn

To learn more about the company based in Spain, we spoke exclusively with CEO and Founder Juan Manuel Martinez for Cointelegraph Español about what the company is developing and aspires to deliver in the coming years.

Daniel Jimenez (DJ): Hi Juan Manuel, nice to meet you. Please tell us how you are getting into the Blockchain ecosystem and how you are getting into Eurogestion
Juan Martínez (JM):Eurogestion is a consulting firm that provides strategic, business, operations and digital transformation consulting services for transport and logistics with a strong know-how in the rail and port sector.

In 2017 we started to apply a new way of approaching our clients to digital transformation processes by incorporating agile methodologies, disruptive emerging technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, RPA, IA and reinforcing our structure with new incorporations, starting with the director of technology and digital transformation, José Antonio Conde, a person with a lot of experience and drive.

(DJ): Tell the community what Eurogestion is, where it was born and how it entered the Blockchain sphere
(JM): In 2002 I founded Eurogestion with a technical team that brought a lot of experience in the railway sector and we started to work in the ICT area for this sector. During these years we have been evolving, incorporating value-added services in business consulting projects. We started to propose projects with Blockchain almost three years ago. We quickly realized that this technology could be the most disruptive that has been known for many years in the world of transport and logistics.

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(DJ): What is Eurogestion’s vision within the Blockchain sphere and how does it plan to achieve it
(JM): We have an agnostic view of technology. The important thing is to apply Blockchain because it is an absolutely disruptive technological concept. A priori, it does not matter if we use Hyperledger, Quorum, BESU, etc. That has to be transparent to the user, as it is when we use a mobile phone if our call travels through a 3G, 4G, 5G network. The same happens with the manufacturer, the user is only interested in being able to make calls. In a short time there will be total interoperability between Blockchain systems, as there is in IP networks (internet).

We are convinced that we have to do a great work of dissemination and evangelization in the sector, leaving aside the terminology and technological depths and emphasizing how it can be applied to practical cases.

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